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Unveiling Ljubljana's Secrets: Explore with Miloš Aničić

Experience the captivating charm of Ljubljana through personalized tours with Miloš Aničić, your dedicated guide to the hidden treasures of Slovenia.

Embark on an enriching journey through the heart of Ljubljana with Miloš as your knowledgeable companion. Unlike typical tourist experiences, Miloš's tours offer a deeper insight into the city's history and culture, ensuring a truly unforgettable adventure.

Discover the picturesque streets and architectural wonders of Ljubljana on a city walking tour, lasting approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. With Miloš's expertise, you'll explore hidden gems and uncover fascinating stories that bring the city to life.

All Tours are PRIVATE, meaning there will be no one else other than You, your family or  your party on the tour. I offer two kinds of tours:
  1. LJUBLJANA CITY WALKING TOUR (Duration approx. 1h 45 min)


Start point:

For the Ljubljana City walking tour we meet  on the Prešeren square in front of Prešeren statue. And This is also where we Finish the tour, when we come full circle.

For those seeking a more active exploration, Miloš offers exhilarating hiking tours to Šmarna Gora and Polhograjska Grmada, each lasting 3 to 4 hours. Traverse scenic trails and immerse yourself in Slovenia's breathtaking natural beauty under Miloš's expert guidance.

Join Miloš Aničić on an adventure that goes beyond the ordinary, as you delve into the soul of Ljubljana and experience the magic of Slovenia like never before.

Book your Ljubljana tour with Miloš today and embark on a journey of discovery in this captivating destination—Slovenia travel awaits, with Miloš as your trusted guide.

On Our Tour we'll see:

Prešeren Square, Franciscan Church(outside only), Triple Bridge, Kongress Square , Zvezda park, University of Ljubljana(outside only)s, National Library(outside only), New Square, Cobblers Bridge, Old Town, City Hall, Robba Fountain, St. Nicholas cathedral(outside only), Ljubljana food Market, Butchers Bridge and Dragon Bridge.

The tour does NOT include a visit to the Castle or any entrance fees

Tour schedule?

I'm  flexible ,but  I also hope you are :). 
Therefore I think it's best if you  contact me as soon as possible, so we can find the best possible time for your tour. whether it be in the morning, mid-day, afternoon or even evening if you prefer.




1 PERSON........................................80€

2-8 PERSONS................................100€

9-35 PERSONS...............................150€

Don't miss the opportunity to experience Ljubljana's hidden treasures with Miloš Aničić as your guide.

Book your private guided tour today and uncover the magic of Slovenia's captivating capital. Ljubljana tours await—let Miloš be your gateway to a journey of discovery.



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