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Miloš Aničić

Miloš Aničić



All year

Visit Ljubljana, Slovenia's captivating capital, through the knowledgeable lens of Miloš Aničić, an experienced guide whose passion for the city is unmatched.

Embark on a journey beyond the typical tourist paths with Miloš as your guide. With his years of expertise, he unveils hidden gems and reveals the authentic soul of Ljubljana.

From quaint cobblestone streets to grand architectural wonders, Miloš's tours offer a genuine exploration of the city's rich history and vibrant present.

Immerse yourself in Miloš's captivating storytelling and keen observations as he leads you on an unforgettable adventure through Ljubljana. Each tour is carefully crafted to provide participants with an intimate understanding of the city, leaving them with a newfound appreciation for this enchanting Slovenian capital.

Whether you're exploring historical landmarks or uncovering local secrets, Miloš's deep knowledge and expertise ensure an enriching experience.

Join him on a city walking tour spanning approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, or opt for a refreshing hiking adventure to Šmarna Gora or Polhograjska Grmada, each lasting 3 to 4 hours.

Make the most of your visit to Slovenia by exploring Ljubljana with Miloš Aničić, your gateway to the hidden treasures of this beautiful country—Experience Slovenia's magic with a guide dedicated to showcasing its wonders to travellers from around the world.

  • City Walking tour approximately 1´45˝

  • Hiking Tour Šmarna Gora 3h,

  • Hiking Tour Polhograjska Grmada 4h

+386 41 897 857

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