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Cycling adventure along the coast: a 25-kilometre round trip from Koper to Škocjan Bay

Join us on a cycling adventure along the coast! With the 25-kilometre route from Koper to Šocjan Bay, you will experience different terrains and discover hidden corners of the coast.

The route is suitable both for a family trip and for cyclists who want a little more training. During the journey, you will be able to enjoy nature and see many attractions, including the Škocjan Bay.

If you are looking for a cycling adventure along the coast, the route from Koper to the Škocjan Bay is the right choice for you. The 25-kilometre route starts at the main bus station in Koper and takes you along the bike path next to the highway to Betrokovo and then on to Paranzana.

The path will then lead you to the right onto a forest path that will take you to a crossroads. You drive across the road and head up a slight incline to Dekanov. Dekani is a small town with an interesting history, boasting old churches and many cultural attractions.

From here you will take the forest path towards Tinjan.

This route is almost all the way uphill, but when you reach the viewpoint you will be rewarded with a view of the hinterland of Trieste.

Koper bay
Slovenian coast

You continue the journey up the well-deserved slope up to Škofij, where you turn right at the primary school and drive through Spodnje Škofij.

The path takes you to the right again between the vineyards and you reach the last very fast descent. You turn left towards Ankaran, but soon you turn left onto the forest path towards the Rižana river. Drive past the installation towards Koper and at the end of the bridge cross the road and turn left towards the Škocjan Bay.

So you should not miss it. The nature reserve boasts exceptional biodiversity and a unique ecosystem, which attracts many nature and bird lovers. Visit their interpretive centre to learn more about the area's natural resources, view exhibits and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

The route is suitable for anyone who wants an active vacation in nature, regardless of cycling fitness. It includes a variety of terrains, from flat sections along the river to more challenging inclines through forests and vineyards. The route also takes us through various coastal towns where we can enjoy views of the sea and sights. It's a great choice for families, as they can stop and see various tourist attractions along the way, and for serious cyclists, it's a challenge and a training opportunity.

In short, the cycling route from Koper to Škocjan Bay offers scenic experiences, physical activity and the opportunity to learn about the rich coastal nature and culture. For anyone who wants an active vacation at sea, this is an excellent choice that does not disappoint.

The entire cycling route, which starts and ends in Koper, is about 25 kilometres long and can be cycled by anyone with some fitness. The route is suitable for the whole family with not too small children, as it is not too demanding, but also offers some challenges for more experienced cyclists. If you are looking for something more challenging, you can include the cycling route in a longer tour of the Istrian landscape.

Together with the wonderful nature, wonderful views and friendly people, this cycling route is perfect for those who want an active break and explore the hidden corners of Istria.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Koper and its surroundings and go on a cycling trip along the coastal cycling paths - you will not be disappointed.

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