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Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve: A Peaceful Oasis Near Koper

Koper is not only a picturesque seaside town but also offers unique natural experiences.

Near the town lies the Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve, a unique ecosystem that fascinates with its diversity and tranquillity.

What is Škocjanski Zatok?

It is the largest semi-saline wetland in Slovenia, created by the silting of a former sea bay. The mixing of salt and fresh water has created a unique habitat here, which is home to numerous animal and plant species.

Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve entrance
Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve entrance

Why visit?

  • Nature: Škocjanski Zatok is a paradise for nature lovers. Walk along the well-maintained trails and observe birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and other animals. The reserve also features salt-tolerant plants that you won't find anywhere else in Slovenia.

  • Peace and quiet: The reserve is an oasis of peace where you can relax and enjoy the silence. It is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city and offers an opportunity to escape into the embrace of nature.

  • Activities: You can enjoy various activities in Škocjanski Zatok. Go hiking or biking, bird watching, try nature photography, or simply relax on a picnic.

  • Education: At the visitor centre, you can learn a lot about the history, ecology, and importance of Škocjanski Zatok. Interactive exhibitions, guided tours, and workshops for children are available.

How to get there?

You can reach Škocjanski Zatok by car, bus, or bicycle. The reserve is open every day of the year, and admission is free.

Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve entrance
Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve

Tips for visitors:

  • Respect the rules of conduct in nature. Do not leave any waste behind and do not disturb the animals.

  • Dress and wear appropriate footwear for walking.

  • Don't forget your camera to capture the beauty of Škocjanski Zatok.

Entrance to the nature reserve is free of charge, while guided tours are charged.

Guided tours, which are obligatory for the groups, take place during the week (Monday to Friday) between 9.00 and 14.00. Their number is limited, so we recommend to the groups to arrange an appointment at least two weeks in advance.

Visitors can enter the reserve in the Bertoška bonifika area. Access is on foot only. Visitors can explore the reserve from the laid-out footpaths and observe the wildlife from the bird hides.

Cycling in the reserve is not allowed except along the marked cycle track Parenzana, running along the edge of the reserve along the motorway. Visitors are requested to conform to the nature reserve code.

Škocjanski Zatok is a unique gem of Slovenian nature worth visiting. Here you will find peace, tranquillity, and rich biodiversity. Don't miss this wonderful experience!

Opening hours

Additional information:

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