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Where can I park my car in Piran, for one day and one night?

Navigating the charming streets of Piran, a picturesque coastal town on the Adriatic Sea, is a delightful experience that beckons travellers to explore its narrow alleys and seaside promenades.

However, where to leave your car for a day and night in Piran is a common consideration for visitors seeking a convenient and secure parking solution.

Piran, with its preserved medieval architecture and captivating views, presents a unique challenge for parking due to its compact layout.

While the town is predominantly pedestrian-friendly, understanding the available parking options becomes crucial for those arriving by car.

This guide aims to provide valuable answers on "Where can I park my car in Piran, within and around Piran, ensuring visitors make informed decisions that align with their preferences and logistical needs.

Whether you prioritize proximity to the town centre, affordability, or long-term parking options, we'll explore various choices to help you make the most of your visit to this enchanting coastal gem.

You can always park your (or rented) steel horse in Portorož and Piran, not far from your final destination. Near all major tourist attractions and interesting hidden corners, there is a well-maintained parking lot where your vehicle will wait for you while you carefree enjoy your adventures in the sun.


Where can I park my car in Piran? Option 1:

Arze garage house:

  • each starting hour of parking (up to 10 hours) €1.50

  • daily parking (over 10 hours) €15


Amfora garage (Fornače)

  • daily parking (over 10 hours) €26.00


In conclusion, by carefully selecting a suitable parking option in Piran, visitors can ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable exploration of this charming coastal town.



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