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How much money do I need as a tourist for 4 days to visit Ljubljana?

Are you planning a trip to the charming capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana? One of the first things you'll want to know is how much money you should budget for your stay.

Railway station
Ljubljana Image by Manuel Fink from Pixabay

To help you plan your trip effectively, we've put together a rough estimate of the "Ljubljana Travel Budget" of how much you might spend during a 4-day visit to this beautiful city.

Visit Ljubljana-travel budget for accommodation:

Ljubljana offers a range of accommodation options, from budget hostels to luxury hotels. The mid-range hotel will cost you around €80 to €150 per night. For a 4-day stay, this would total €320 to €600.

Food and Dining:

Slovenian cuisine is diverse and delicious, with influences from Italian, Austrian, and Balkan traditions. Here's a rough estimate of what you might spend on food:

  • Breakfast: €5 to €10 at a café.

  • Lunch: €10 to €20 at a mid-range restaurant.

  • Dinner: €20 to €40 at a restaurant, including a glass of wine.

  • Snacks and drinks: €10 to €15 per day.

For 4 days, you could spend around €220 to €380 on food.


Ljubljana is a walkable city, so you won't need to spend much on transportation within the city itself. However, if you plan to explore nearby attractions like Lake Bled or Triglav National Park, you might need to budget for transportation:

  • A return train ticket to Lake Bled: €14.

  • Bus or taxi within Ljubljana: €1.20 to €15, depending on distance and mode of transport.

For 4 days, budget around €50 to €80 for transportation, depending on your plans.

Sightseeing and Activities:

Ljubljana offers a variety of cultural and outdoor activities. Entrance fees to museums and attractions can vary, but budget around €20 to €40 for your entire trip.

Visit Ljubljana on bike
Visit Ljubljana


Want to bring back some unique Slovenian souvenirs? You can find handcrafted items, local wines, and traditional goods in Ljubljana's markets and shops. Budget around €50 for souvenirs.

Total Estimated Cost for 4 Days:

  • Accommodation: €320 to €600

  • Food: €220 to €380

  • Transport: €50 to €80

  • Activities: €20 to €40

  • Souvenirs: €50 to €100

Overall, a 4-day trip to Ljubljana can cost you anywhere from €660 to €1200, depending on your preferences and travel style.

Remember that these are approximate costs, and your actual expenses may vary. It's always a good idea to have a bit of extra money set aside for unexpected expenses or special treats.

Ljubljana is a city that offers excellent value for money, and with careful planning, you can enjoy a memorable visit without breaking the bank.

So, pack your bags, explore the picturesque streets, and indulge in the delicious cuisine of Ljubljana – it's an experience you won't want to miss!



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