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Visit Ljubljana! Embark on a mythical adventure at Ljubljana Castle

Unlock the gates to ancient legends and modern entertainment nestled atop the picturesque Castle Hill overlooking downtown Ljubljana, the Ljubljana Castle stands not just as a fortress but as a portal to an enchanted world where history, mystery, and adventure converge.

Visit Ljubljana castle

Built-in the 11th century and meticulously restored over centuries, the castle breathes life into the Slovenian capital, housing not only tales of the past but also thrilling adventures for the present.

A Tale of Dragons and Knights

Legend has it that Ljubljana was once guarded by a mighty dragon who battled valiantly with the gallant Knight George. After a fierce struggle, the dragon, the city's protector, mysteriously vanished into the depths of the earth, leaving the townsfolk in awe and curiosity. Now, it's your turn to unravel this ancient enigma and perhaps, reawaken the dragon.

The Quest Begins

Visit Ljubljana castle- your adventure begins at the castle's Info Centre, where brave souls assemble to embark on the daring quest to revive the city's legendary guardian. Armed with wits, courage, and a hint of cunning, your team, comprising two to four players will journey through five knightly trials spread across the castle's historic chambers.

What Awaits You

  • Historical Exploration: Immerse yourself in Ljubljana's rich history as you solve puzzles in the castle's varied spaces. Each riddle reveals a piece of the city's story, urging you forward in your quest.

  • Dragon Trials: Traverse through the castle's depths, deciphering clues and overcoming challenges. Your ultimate goal: to revive the dragon and bring him back to his rightful place.

  • Interactive Challenges: Engage with the castle's ancient architecture, solving mysteries that demand collaboration, creativity, and a touch of bravery.

Game Details

  • Duration: Up to 60 minutes of heart-pounding adventure.

  • Starting Point: Info Centre at the Castle, your gateway to the mystical journey.

  • Languages: Enjoy the game in Slovenian, English, Italian, or German, ensuring a seamless experience for international adventurers.

  • Price: Various ticket options are available; refer to the official site for details.

Note: The game utilizes a game plan and a medallion, obtained upon a deposit and agreement to the general terms. Children must be accompanied by parents or adults.

Unravel the Mystery, Visit Ljubljana castle

Are you the noble soul destined to breathe life back into the city's revered protector? In a race against time, fierce challenges, and the spirit of the dragon, you hold the key to this enchanting saga. Gather your companions, venture into the heart of Ljubljana Castle, and discover the joys of history, camaraderie, and the thrill of saving a mythical creature. Will you be the hero Ljubljana has been waiting for?

Ljubljana Castle Info Centre Starting Point: Info Centre at the Castle Languages: Slovenian, English, Italian, German Official Ljubljana Castle Website


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