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Unleash Your Adventure: Explore the Hidden Gems of Slovenia's Countryside with Grondali Farm

Are you searching for an idea for a Sunday trip in Slovenia? I recommend a trip to the village of Abitanti, a visit to the Grondali farm in Abitanti, and, to conclude, truffle tasting at Belvedur.

Of course, you can end the day with a dip in the sea or continue to Istria through the cross-border passage Gradin.

Abitanti is the furthest village in the municipality of Koper. One way to get there is to turn right after the gas station in Gračišče and follow the signs. When the asphalt ends, continue on the dirt road, and eventually, you'll reach the village of Abitanti, declared a cultural monument of local importance on August 1, 1987.

The village is now somewhat forgotten. Mostly in ruins, but there are still some people living there, trying to preserve its essence. In the past, Abitanti was home to over 150 people, producing over 500 hectoliters of wine annually – their location is excellent for Refošk.

"Grondali Farm in the beautiful Istrian village of Abitanti has a nearly 300-year tradition of grape and wine production. The indigenous wine Refošk from Abitanti was highly esteemed in the past, with sales reaching even to Trieste. They still produce Refošk and Malvasia in a traditional way today.

Refošk from Abitanti

In 2005, they renovated their vineyards, and besides wine, visitors can also taste the traditional drink biska – made from grape pomace (brandy obtained from grape pomace) and dried leaves of white mistletoe. They also produce an excellent Refošk liqueur."

Younger son Martin brought back the Boskarin, a female of the autochthonous Istrian gray-white long-horned cattle breed, to these places in 2014, almost extinct in Slovenian Istria. Boskarin used to be on every farm as a working animal.

Today, Bošgrey-whitekarin meat and milk, containing a higher percentage of fat and protein, are highly valued. Martin also takes care of bees and produces homegrown honey and honey brandy.

Today, in their two-hundred-year-old wine cellar, Gracijan welcomes small groups of visitors, offering wine tastings with snacks. Visitors can also purchase wine and liqueurs to take home.

Boškarin bull
Boškarin bull

Grondali Farm has already arranged a larger space for socializing with a large fireplace and a kitchen for preparing traditional Istrian dishes. They plan to build two tourist apartments, furnished in authentic Istrian style.

Gracijan and Martin like to show visitors 5 specialities of the village Abitanti: a 500-year-old oak, 14 wells, arched baladurs, the oldest vine far and wide, and the famous mulberry trees where silkworms were cultivated before the war.

Herbalists, beekeepers, Istrian stone workers, and woodworking masters are modest people with knowledge worthy of admiration, a rarity in today's world of mass industrial production.


The farm is primarily engaged in viticulture and winemaking. They cultivate grapevines of the Refošk and Malvasia varieties, from which excellent wines are produced.

Additional Offer: Refošk liqueur, honey brandy, Biska (dried white mistletoe leaves in grape pomace), honey, and olive oil.

Upon arrangement: Farm tour and product tastings.

The farm also has accommodation: Apartment Baladur (two bedrooms, equipped kitchen, bathroom, and living room) for 4+2 people. Guests can relax in the garden with a pool or in the shade of large acacias, where children have some play equipment.

Wine bottle

In our apartment for rent in Gračišče, Primorska, there is enough space for 4+2 people. The apartment is:

  • Neat,

  • Spacious,

  • Bright,

  • Clean,

  • Beautifully furnished.

You will find everything you need for comfortable living with us, including very comfortable and soft beds in which you will rest like never before.

The apartment has 4 beds and 2 additional, making it suitable for larger groups or families who want to experience the beauty of Gračišče and Primorska together or for other reasons.

Rental of Apartment

We also offer wine, brandy, and liqueur tastings.
We produce all alcoholic beverages ourselves, ensuring their quality and unforgettable taste. Treat yourself to a glass or a bottle of our wine, brandy, or liqueurs – an excellent business or personal gift.

Call us: +386 41 239 666


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