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Why did we go to Mirna Gora? Slovenia hiking holidays

Welcome back, adventurers! Today, our two Aquarius explorers, Milen and Deyana, are back with a new story and video about their latest Slovenia hiking holiday adventure.

We are Milen and Deyana - two Aquarius in the Alps. Yes, we both are Aquarius! After moving countries for the last 17 years, paying endless rents, and shifting boxes from country to country, we decided we needed a place to settle, a place to call home. We lived in many European countries but always returned to the Alps as one of our favourite European regions.

In 2022, we started searching for our new home and, luckily, we found a place we loved. We spent most of our savings to buy an old house with land. In 2023, we began the house renovation.

On this channel, we'll show you our house renovation journey and how we work to become self-sufficient by growing our own food. We'll also take you on our trips to explore the beautiful region around our house in Slovenia, the country we chose for our home.

Join us on our journey, as we share our adventures, challenges, and triumphs. Don't forget to watch our latest video on hiking Mirna Gora and see how we reached the top at 1047m. Let's explore the stunning landscapes of Slovenia together! Mirna Gora is in southwestern Bela Krajna in Slovenia. It just so happens to be where we bought our house.

Have you been to Mirna Gora?

We have been asked this question many times in Slovenia. So we decided to visit it and see why it is so popular. When so many people are talking about a place, there has to be something... and we wanted to know WHAT.

We chose a sunny Sunday, after a busy week full of garden activities. We had coffee and lunch in our backpacks.

Slovenia hiking holidays

The journey:

And set off on the journey. The first two-thirds of the road was easy to walk. Only the last part of the route was a bit more challenging,

but when we reached the top and saw these beautiful mountain peaks before us, we quickly forgot that we were very tired.

That's why we came to Mirna Gora today. The stunning view was worth the trek to the top of 1047 meters!

We wanted to feed our curiosity as to why this place is so popular with the locals. The number of people we met on the way there and enjoying a walk through this beautiful forest spoke for itself.

We can't think of a better way to spend a day off, especially on a sunny day like this.

If you ever visit the White Landscape in Slovenia, do the same.

Mirna Gora will be beautiful in every season, so we will come again to enjoy another view of this Mirna Gora.

We hope you enjoy our walk to the top of Mirna Gora! If so, please subscribe to our channel. It's free and only takes one click, but your support will help us create more content like this.



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