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Rotovnik Plesnik Tourist Farm: Discover Authentic Carinthian Cuisine

Are you looking for a family-friendly tourist farm to explore the natural wonders of Slovenia? Look no further than Rotovnik Plesnik Tourist Farm! This nearly two-hundred-year-old estate, nestled in the idyllic valley below the slopes of the mountain, offers an authentic Slovenian experience that you won't find anywhere else. A Family-Friendly Destination for Cycling, Hiking, and Winter Sports

Rotovnik Plesnik
tradition, and authentic Carinthian cuisine

Rotovnik Plesnik Tourist Farm is an excellent starting point for family outings, with many well-maintained and marked cycling and hiking trails, as well as excursion spots. The farm's location near the Kope Ski Center also makes it a great destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

But it's not just the location that sets Rotovnik Plesnik Tourist Farm apart. The farm has been certified organic for the seventh year, and their kitchen reflects the culinary traditions of the area, with an emphasis on authentic Carinthian cuisine. You can enjoy delicious homemade brandy or liqueur, apple juice, raspberry, shabesa, currant juice, cranberry juice, and must. The farm's food is mainly seasonal and organically produced, and their homemade jam will sweeten your breakfast, while their family lunch and homemade cured meat products will leave you feeling satisfied.

Rotovnik Plesnik Tourist Farm
authentic Carinthian cuisine

Rotovnik Plesnik Tourist Farm has always been in family hands, with the sixth generation of Rotovniks living and working here. The entire house has been renovated and arranged in a way that reminds visitors of the good old days, and the inn has been transformed into a tourist farm that is now managed by Jožet's daughter Helena.

The guest house offers six tastefully furnished rooms, made of wood such as cherry, black alder, maple, and beech, that are spacious and comfortable, suitable for families, and equipped with their own bathrooms and wardrobe halls.

In addition to the farm's culinary delights and family-friendly activities, there are many possibilities for tourist wanderings, as many hiking, cycling, and horse-riding trails pass through the slopes of Pohorje. You can also explore the rich history and tradition of the inn and farm, as the inn dates back to 1858 and has always been a coachman's inn that operated as part of a closed farm.

Rotovnik Plesnik Tourist Farm
tastefully furnished rooms

Rotovnik Plesnik Tourist Farm is located at an altitude of 520m in the hamlet of Legen, right next to the regional road that leads through the village of Šmartno near Slovenj Gradac towards the mountain-tourist center of Kope. Šmartno is 2 km from the farm, the town of Slovenj Gradec is 4 km, and the Kope ski center is 12 km away.

Book your stay at Rotovnik Plesnik Tourist Farm today and experience the best of Slovenia's countryside!


Rotovnik Plesnik

Helena Rotovnik

Legen 134 a

2383 Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu

Slovenija (koroška)

Phone: 02 88 53 666

cell phone: 041 893 252


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