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Check out the wine everyone is talking about: Wine Mahnič

Upon crossing the Slovenian-Croatian border, you are first greeted by the picturesque village of Dragonja with its vineyards, olive groves and cultivated areas.

Not far from the main road stands the Mahnič Farm, which welcomes you into its embrace with produce, over which nona Gvida, nona Franka and Adrijana watch over all year. From the terrace of their farm inn, a unique view of the salt pans, the sea and the nearby Kaštel opens up to individuals and organized groups, who feel very much at home here. With an excellent drink served to you by Ingrid and exceptional homemade food from the hands of Franka and Adrijan, many wish that the day would never end.

The beginnings of Kmetija Mahnič date back to 1875, but at that time Karlo's grandfather was mainly engaged in fruit growing. The first vineyards gave birth to white and black Burgundy wine, and after 1991, today's Mahnič family took viticulture seriously and planted new vineyards.

The Mahnič farm is spread over 15 hectares of land, shared by olive groves, orchards, vegetable plantations and, of course, vineyards. The fifth wine queen of Slovenian Istria, Kim Mahnič, proudly presents ten varieties that enrich their vineyards - Malvasia, Refošk, white and black burgundy, bianchera, chardonnay, pinot gris, yellow muscat, muscat from Momjan and cypress.

After studying agronomy, Vili switched to viticulture. With the desire to offer tastings of different varieties of wine on the farm and with the desire to preserve the old varieties, the planting of new vineyards began at the Mahnič farm. Vili's legacy dictated the path of modern winemaking and we follow it even today.


Black burgundy makes grandfather Guidot happy.

"I took cuttings from a 73-year-old white burgundy vineyard, where there were also some black burgundy vines, and in 15 years I came up with 1,200 black burgundy vines."


Typical Istrian cuisine is at home at Kmetija Mahnič! Grandma Franka prepares food the old way - with a lot of time and even more love.

"Everyone says that you can't find sauerkraut like I prepare anywhere!"

INGRID MAHNIČ They also call her

"wine mother"


"Queen of Malvasia".

Wine is her life, which we notice every time she presents it to us. She is most proud of malvasia and proudly says that there are no more bad malvasias in Istria - there are only good, better and best ones.

ADRIJANO MAHNIČ His love is peaches. There are no such peaches as he grows in the whole world. It's a pity that words cannot describe their smell and taste.

He also took over the management of the Kmečki hram inn, where our taste buds are delighted with homemade bread, berries, fuži, polenta and other Istrian delicacies.

"This minstrel speaks seven languages,"

he likes to hang out.

A rich collection of wines

The Mahnič farm is spread over 15 hectares of land, shared by olive groves, orchards, vegetable plantations and, of course, vineyards. They grow ten varieties - Malvasia, Refošk, white and black Burgundy, Bianchera, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Yellow Muscat, Momjan Muscat and Cipro.


The wine cellar of Kmetija Mahnič is not only a storage room for wine, but a place with a soul. A fence made of old vines winds up to it, and in the cellar you will find barrels with facades that show a long tradition. Take your time and take a close look at the front of the first barrel in the cellar, on which St. Martin with Ana.

The Mahnič family offers guided wine tastings in the cellar with expert explanations, and you can also try three to eight samples of premium wines.

Inn Kmečki hram

Adrijana and her aunt Franka skillfully turn the kitchen into a typical country inn, preparing food the old way - with a lot of time and even more love, and above all with fresh produce. The place smells of traditional Istrian cuisine, here you will try the best berries, baked beans, fudge, exquisitely prepared meat, cabbage and desserts that caress your soul.

The inn can accommodate up to 200 guests, please make a temporary order.

Kmetija Mahnič

Dragonja 111 6333 Sečovlje-Sicciole T: ‭+386 41 642 851‬ E:



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