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It's official! A promising spring tourist season has started in Slovenia

The tourist season has officially commenced in Slovenia, welcoming the magnificent Saga Cruises Spirit of Discovery to the port of Koper.

This remarkable cruise ship, with its unparalleled elegance and all-inclusive offerings, promises an unforgettable experience for every traveller.

The Spirit of Discovery, a jewel in Saga Cruises' fleet, epitomizes luxury and sophistication. Boasting a gross tonnage of 58,250, it accommodates up to 987 guests, ensuring an intimate yet spacious ambience. With a dedicated crew of 540 members, personalized service is guaranteed throughout your journey.

The beginning of the tourist season in Slovenia: A promising spring!

Spring is in full swing and this officially marks the start of the tourist season in Slovenia. The sun's rays attract visitors to explore the beautiful nature, rich culture and delicious cuisine of our land.

Saga Cruises Spirit of Discovery
Saga Cruises Spirit of Discovery

What does Slovenia offer in spring?

Awakening of nature: After winter sleep, nature wakes up and Slovenia is dressed in green. Blooming lawns, colourful flowers and the rustle of lush trees create a wonderful backdrop for walking, hiking and cycling.

Variety of activities:

From active vacations in the mountains to relaxing wellness in spas, Slovenia offers something for everyone. You can go on a boat trip on Lake Bled, visit the Postojna Cave or walk through the picturesque streets of Ljubljana.

Rich culture:

Slovenia has a rich history and cultural heritage. Visit the many castles, museums and galleries that will introduce you to the story of our nation.

Delicious cuisine:

Treat yourself to various dishes from Slovenian cuisine, which is intertwined with various influences. Try traditional dishes such as Kranjska kolbasa, jota and potica, and indulge in the wealth of flavours.

Slovenia in spring
Slovenia in spring

Why visit Slovenia in spring?

Better prices:

Spring prices are usually lower than summer prices, which means you can get more for your money.

Less crowded:

Compared to summer, there are fewer tourists in the spring months, which means you can enjoy Slovenia's beauty in peace.

Pleasant weather:

Spring weather in Slovenia is pleasant and sunny, which is ideal for outdoor exploration.

We are expecting you!

During the spring months, Slovenia is a wonderful destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you want an active break, a cultural experience or a relaxing rest, Slovenia will enchant you.

For more information about Slovenia's tourism offer, visit the website.



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