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Discover the Charming Babičev Mll: A Journey to Grandma's Mill on the Mura River

Nestled along the picturesque Mura River in Slovenia, you'll find a hidden gem that carries the echoes of the past - Grandma's mill-Babičev Mlin, also known as Grandma's Mill.

 Grandma's Mill on the Mura River
A Journey to Grandma's Mill on the Mura River

This historic site stands as the only preserved and working mill on the right bank of the Mura River, offering visitors a glimpse into a bygone era.

What sets Grandma's mill apart is its magnificent outdoor wooden water wheel, an engineering marvel mounted on two boats. The wheel's rhythmic rotation powers a grinding machine housed within the building on land, creating a captivating sight for all who witness it. The mill's exceptional architecture and functioning mechanism have earned it the status of a technical monument, protected by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage.

As you delve into the history of this remarkable place, you'll discover that Babičev Mlin represents the legacy of floating mills that once dotted the Mura River. In the late 18th century, a staggering 93 floating mills were scattered along its banks. By 1925, 93 owners of these mills were officially registered. Today, Babičev Mlin proudly stands as the sole remaining Pannonian floating mill, a testament to the region's cultural and historical significance.

The mill's story begins in 1890 when the first mill was constructed by Vladimir Babic's grandfather, Mirč. These floating mills were ingeniously designed to adapt to the ever-changing water levels of the river. They were a common sight in flat landscapes, where the local population cultivated rye and wheat. Unlike their stationary counterparts, floating mills provided a reliable solution, impervious to unpredictable rainfall, and crafted entirely from wood.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck when fire engulfed the mill, reducing it to ashes. However, determination prevailed, and the Babic family embarked on their mission to rebuild. Today, the mill stands proudly as the third generation to grace this very spot, a testament to its

resilience and dedication to preserving its cultural heritage.

Visiting Grandma's mill offers a unique experience, combining artisanal craftsmanship with a touch of ethnographic charm. As you witness the ancient grain-grinding techniques, you'll be transported back in time, immersing yourself in a world long forgotten. The mill serves not only as a historical attraction but also as a source of authentic flour, free from commercial blends. Here, you can purchase flour that captures the essence of traditional milling practices, ensuring a true taste of the past.

Exploring Grandma's mill is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the allure of Prlekija and Pomurje, two regions renowned for their artisanal wonders. Whether you're captivated by the artistry of the mill or drawn to the captivating landscapes that surround it, this hidden treasure promises an unforgettable journey through time.

So, when you find yourself in the enchanting region of Slovenia, don't miss the chance to visit Grandma's mill. Allow the rhythmic creak of the wooden wheel and the aroma of freshly ground grains to transport you to an era where craftsmanship and heritage reign supreme. Let Grandma's Mill on the Mura River be the highlight of your Slovenian adventure, a memory to cherish for years to come.


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