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Exploring the Magnificent Tolmin Gorges: A Paradise in Triglav National Park

Dante Alighieri and Dante's Cave: A Poetic Inspiration.

Tolmin Gorges
Tolmin Gorges

Tolminska korita, encompassing the Tolminka and Zadlaščica basins, stand as one of the most magnificent natural attractions in Tolminska. These basins, collectively known as the Tolmin Gorges, offer a mesmerizing entry point to the stunning Triglav National Park. Embark on a circular route that winds through the untamed riverbeds of Tolminka and Zadlaščica, where the rivers converge in a unique confluence found nowhere else in Slovenia.

Dante Alighieri and Dante's Cave-Tolmin Gorges

Legend has it that the renowned Italian poet Dante Alighieri once visited the Zadlaška cave, nestled above the Tolmin riverbeds. The raw beauty and untamed wilderness of this place are believed to have inspired him to depict Hell in his epic poem, the Divine Comedy. To honor his connection to this ethereal setting, the cave system, spanning 1140 meters with three majestic halls, was aptly named after him. Access to Dante's Cave requires a reservation with a cave guide. However, even without a guide, you can still marvel at the cave's entrance, which is a sight to behold.

The Devil's Bridge: A Spectacular View of Tolminka

Prepare for a remarkable finale to your Tolmin Basin adventure as you witness the Tolminka River from a bird's eye perspective on the Devil's Bridge. This bridge, constructed in 1907, connects the ecological village of Čadrg with the rest of the world. Its name stems from a local legend about a devil who allegedly built the bridge. In bygone times, villagers relied on a small bridge at the bottom of the Tolminka River's riverbed to traverse to and from the city. Standing on the Devil's Bridge, you'll be captivated by the awe-inspiring panorama that unfolds before you.

As you navigate the gorges, prepare to be immersed in a world of flourishing flora. The basins of Zadlaščica enchant with picturesque waterfalls and a striking wedged rock, locally known as Medvedova glava (Bear's Head). Meanwhile, in the Tolminka basins, you'll have the opportunity to witness a thermal spring at a low water level, providing a unique natural spectacle.

Embrace the natural wonders, including the endemic narrow-leaved sedge, the vibrant Soča immortelle, and the elusive rock deer, as you traverse the troughs. Tolmin Gorges offer a serene sanctuary for nature lovers and an unparalleled opportunity to connect with Slovenia's untamed beauty.

So, embark on this unforgettable journey to the Tolmin Gorges and immerse yourself in the picturesque and wild troughs, capturing the essence of Triglav National Park's lowest entry point.



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