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Exploring the Educational Waterway in Radlje ob Dravi - A Green Experience

Are you ready for an exciting adventure amidst nature's beauty? Waterway in Radlje ob Dravi, with its captivating themed trails, offers a delightful escape for tourists from Europe seeking a unique and educational experience.

Waterway in Radlje ob Dravi

Among the seven fascinating trails, the Green Experiences of the Manor House of Marenberg on the Drava River stand out, providing a perfect blend of nature, history, and fun activities.

The educational waterway, starting at the scenic Reš pond, promises an enriching journey. As you follow the red horseshoe signs, you'll walk in the footsteps of a historical figure - a count who created this special waterway along the Drava River. For him, it was a serene retreat where he often sought solace while riding his majestic Lipizzaner horses. Here, he prepared for important meetings and enjoyed the soothing ambience of the green river.

As you explore the path, an exciting quest awaits! The count apparently lost five treasures along the route, and your mission is to help find them. Amidst the stunning landscape, you'll encounter a beautifully carved bench, providing a perfect spot to rest and savour some delicious treats.

A highlight that will surely excite both young and old is the suspension bridge, offering a thrilling dose of adrenaline. The initial part of the trail is narrow and follows the banks of the Sava River, so it's best to exercise caution with younger children.

Along the way, you'll come across PUPENLUDL's wooden house, an intriguing character from oral tradition. PUPENLUDL, also known as the doll boy, lived by the river and collected rag dolls. His uniqueness led him to be secluded from society, but his story adds an enchanting touch to the journey.

While the trail is suitable for all generations, it requires a basic level of fitness and careful walking. Parents are advised to accompany their children at all checkpoints to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Encourage your little ones to solve tasks and face challenges on their own - creating cherished family memories in nature.

Please note that during periods of high water levels in the river, movement along the riverbank is not advisable. Safety is paramount; therefore, use marked paths and follow directional signs diligently.

Are you up for this medium-difficulty adventure? The 2,800-meter trail with an elevation gain of 85 meters is accessible year-round. For the starting point, head to the Reš pond, and let the exploration begin!

Remember to pack the essentials, including sports equipment with appropriate footwear, a thematic booklet, a refreshing drink, a snack, and headgear for sun protection.

The Cultural, Sports, and Tourist Association in Dobra offers more details about this

fascinating journey.

You can reach them at +386 41 964 304.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure along the Educational Waterway in Radlje ob Dravi starting at the scenic Reš pond, the educational waterway.

Unravel its treasures, connect with nature, and create lasting memories in this enchanting corner of Europe.



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