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Do you know what "Osmica" means?

Osmica is a special tavern where you can enjoy homemade unfiltered wine and delicious food.


This tradition dates back to the time of the German Emperor Charlemagne and has survived to this day, even during the Austro-Hungarian period.

The term "osmica" originates from wine cellars, where farmers could sell their wine tax-free, operated for eight days a year.

Osmice were organized in a home environment, in cellars or cantinas, where the wine was stored. To signify that an "osmica" was happening, farmers would attach a bunch of ivy to the door.

Today, a winemaker can organize an "osmica" twice a year for ten consecutive days. In addition to excellent wines, "osmice" also offers homemade drinks, homemade bread, snacks, stews, desserts, and sausages. For more interesting information and contacts to providers, visit



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