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Discover the High-Quality Jerman Wines in Slovenian Istria

Winemaking in Trsek, Slovenian Istria.

Are you a wine enthusiast looking for high-quality wines? Look no further than Jerman Wines in Trsek, Slovenian Istria.

Winemakers and Wine cellars
Jerman Wines

Our wines are produced in a completely healthy and ecologically friendly environment, with great emphasis on quality even when growing the vines. We use only means permitted by integrated protection to cultivate and spray, ensuring the best possible taste and quality.

In our modern and aesthetically equipped cellar, we offer a wide variety of white and red wines, including the typical Istrian Malvasia, teran, muscat, refošk, merlot, and cabernet sauvignon. Our satisfied customers always come back for more, and we also offer wine-tasting and wine cellar visiting services to enhance your experience.

But Jerman Wines isn't just about the wine – it's also about the breathtaking Dragonje Valley. Located above the valley in Trsek, our vineyards offer visitors a stunning view of the olive groves, vineyards, and other Mediterranean vegetation on the slopes. The valley is home to the Dragonja River, which created picturesque waterfalls and erosionally active meanders with its many tributaries. Cultural heritage sites such as Kodarin's mill and Mazurin's mill are also worth visiting.

Getting to Jerman Wines is easy

From Ljubljana, take the highway Ljubljana-Koper (A1) and exit at Osp-Črni Kal, then continue in the direction of Kubed, Gračišče. From there, continue in the direction of Popetra through the village or continue to Gračišče and head towards Popetra.

From Koper, take the bypass in the direction of Bertoki, Izvoz Bertoki-Sv.Anton, and continue towards Sv.Anton towards Kubed. Then, head towards Gračišče and turn towards Popetre, then through the village of Popetre to Trsek.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to taste and experience high-quality Jerman Wines while enjoying the stunning beauty of the Dragonje Valley. Book your visit now.

Jerman Wines

Trsek 1 A, 6273 Marezige



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