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Božnar Honey House: indulge in the magical world of bees!

Božnar Honey House-Hiša medu Božnar is nestled in the idyllic village of Polhov Gradec, this family-owned honey enterprise boasts a 30-year tradition of exquisite crafting honey and honey products amidst nature's embrace.

For over 30 years, Hiša medu Božnar has meticulously processed bee products using artisanal methods, crafting small batches of honey packed in market-ready packaging, which serves as the foundation for an array of delectable creations, including various mixtures, gingerbread, chocolate with honey, honey liqueur, and candies, alongside a diverse range of cosmetic products featuring honey, beeswax, royal jelly, and propolis.

Our unique cosmetic offerings, honey with diverse additives, and exquisite gift packages, including the distinctive Sekira v medu product, are a testament to our commitment to quality.

Additionally, our products are available under the prestigious Grof Blagaj brand, honouring a renowned count associated with the Polhogra castle, while the Daphne Blagayana flower, found in the region, pays tribute to his legacy.

Customers can purchase our products at select stores across Slovenia or conveniently online at, with morning visits to our shop at the Home of Beekeepers providing an opportunity for direct purchases.

Every purchase guarantees natural, Slovenian honey, unique combinations, and products with compelling narratives.

We offer tailored product tastings for tourists, including guided samplings of Slovenian honey varieties, immersive beekeeping presentations, and hands-on workshops on crafting beeswax candles.


What Hiša medu Božnar Offers:


Wide Selection of Honey: From floral to chestnut, acacia to forest, indulge in a diverse array of honey varieties.

  • Flavoured Honey Delights: Explore honey infused with ginger, cinnamon, propolis, royal jelly, and more for an extra burst of flavour.

  • Mixed Honey Blends: Experience the richness of mixed honey blends, combining several types for a harmonious taste sensation.

  • Gift-ready Honey Packaging: Discover elegant and unique honey gift sets, perfect for all occasions.

  • Delectable Honey Treats: From pastries to liqueurs, cosmetics to candles, savour an assortment of honey-based delights.

  • Beeswax Products: Delight in beeswax candles, ointments, and wax wraps, crafted with care and expertise.

  • Beekeeping Workshops and Education: Engage in workshops and educational sessions about bees and honey, suitable for children and adults.

  • Guided Beekeeping Tours: Immerse yourself in the world of bees with guided tours, gaining insight into the life of a beekeeper.

  • pi-tourism Experience: Enjoy a unique stay in a beekeeping house and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of beekeeping.


Božnar Honey House

Why Choose Božnar Honey house:


  • Sustainable Approach: At Božnar Honey House, we pride ourselves on sustainable beekeeping practices prioritising the well-being of bees and the environment.

  • Superior Quality: Each honey product is meticulously crafted with care and love, ensuring exceptional quality and taste.

  • Abundant Knowledge: The Božnar family shares their wealth of knowledge about bees and honey with visitors, enriching their experience.

  • Unique Offerings: Discover a diverse range of honey products and exclusive experiences that set Hiša medu Božnar apart from the rest.



Embark on a journey to Hiša medu Božnar and surrender to the enchanting world of bees and honey! Indulge in honey-tasting sessions, sample other bee products, and dive into the realm of beekeeping life. While we do not offer a restaurant, visitors can delight in a wide range of honey products by prior arrangement.


Honey products serve as a testament to our local environment's richness. Polhov Gradec and its surroundings offer a plethora of cultural and natural attractions, making it an ideal starting point for exploration. Take in the charm of Polhov Gradec's old village centre, ascend Stari grad, or explore the Polhograjski Castle Museum and local museum.


Hiša medu Božnar is an ideal place for anyone who wants to:


  • Buy premium Slovenian honey and honey products.

  • Learn more about bees and beekeeping.

  • Experience a unique apitherapy program "The healing power of bees.”


Hiša medu Božnar warmly welcomes visitors year-round. Whether you are seeking a honey-tasting experience, a guided tour of beekeeping, or simply a glimpse into Slovenian beekeeping culture, we are here to make your visit unforgettable.


For more information, visit:


Phone: +386 1 364 00 20



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