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Visit Kamnik- A Medieval Gem Nestled in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Explore the enchanting town of Kamnik, cradled in the embrace of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Once a flourishing medieval trading hub, Kamnik retains its architectural splendour, echoing the era when it was the focal point of Carniola.

Visit Kamnik, a town in the lap of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, is considered one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Slovenia. At that time, it was a flourishing trading town where the Andean Counts from Bavaria had their headquarters. A wonderful architectural heritage reminds us of the time when Kamnik was the capital of Carniola.

The town of Kamnik was first mentioned in written sources in 1229, and its castle even earlier. The special feature of the town is the extremely rich Franciscan library, where they keep around 10,000 books and notebooks printed before the end of the 18th century. Šutna is considered to be the most beautiful street in the city, which is decorated with typical signs and other signs of craftsmanship.

Historically, lively craft activities took place here. There are many interesting places on Šutna, including the birthplace of Rudolf Maister, the parish church of Mary Immaculate with a separate Gothic bell tower, the Planter's Museum and the birthplaces of other famous people from Kamnica. Šutna ends with the Samče pass, where there was a slope until 1882.

What to see in Kamnik:

  1. Mali grad (Little Castle): Perched on the city hill since the 11th century, Mali grad hosts a preserved two-story Romanesque chapel with a crypt, now a symbol of Kamnik.

  2. Šutna: Renowned as the most beautiful street in Kamnik, Šutna boasts distinctive signs and craft symbols. Discover the Parish Church of the Virgin Mary with its separate Gothic bell tower, the Sadnikar Museum, and the birthplaces of other notable Kamnik residents.

  3. Franciscan Monastery: The 15th-century Church of St. James, with its chapel of the Holy Sepulchre, is a masterpiece by Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik. The monastery's treasure is its library, home to numerous incunabula.

  4. Rudolf Maister's Birthplace: Located on Šutna, this house now hosts a museum collection about Rudolf Maister, curated by the Inter-Municipal Museum Kamnik.

  5. Plečnik in Kamnik: Jože Plečnik, in his final years, left an indelible mark on Kamnik and its surroundings, shaping the city's identity.

  6. Stari grad (Old Castle): Built in the 12th century, Stari grad ranks among the oldest castles in eastern Upper Carniola. It offers a splendid panoramic view of the Polhov Gradec Hills, the Julian Alps, the Karawanks, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, and the Tuhinj Valley.

  7. Zaprice Castle: Perched on a small hill above the town, Zaprice Castle once housed significant noble families. Today, it serves as the seat of the Inter-Municipal Museum Kamnik.


Exploring the Kamniška Bistrica Valley:

  1. Kamniška Bistrica Source: In winter, enjoy views of nearby snow-covered peaks, and in summer, experience the refreshing mountain air. The pristine nature might treat you to encounters with deer. Take a sip of crystal-clear water from the source to quench your thirst.

  2. One of Slovenia's Cleanest Rivers: Named after the river, the Kamniška Bistrica Valley spans 33 km, characterized by magical sections with natural wonders. Enjoy the Koželj Hiking Path, a favourite among hikers and cyclists, leading to the Kamniška Bistrica Alpine Lodge.

  3. Mali Predaselj: The river carved its way through the Predaselj gorge, featuring a natural bridge. Cross it and glance down at the mineral-tinted waters. Adequately equipped, you can descend to the bottom for a unique perspective.

  4. Orglice Waterfall: Standing at approximately 30 meters, the Orglice Waterfall is nestled in a side valley of the Kamniška Bela stream. Accessible and captivating, it earned its name for the sound resembling an organ during high water levels.

Visit Kamnik:

Kamnik offers a journey through time, blending medieval charm with natural wonders. Ideal for history enthusiasts, art lovers, and nature seekers, Kamnik promises an enriching experience for all.

Whether exploring historical landmarks or immersing yourself in the pristine Kamniška Bistrica Valley, Kamnik invites you to discover its diverse treasures.

Visit Slovenia, Uncover History, and Embrace Nature's Beauty.

Contact Information:

For more information and assistance, reach out to the Kamnik Tourist Information Center:

  • Address: Glavni trg 2, 1241 Kamnik

  • Phone: +386 (0)1 831 82 50

  • Email:

  • Website: Visit Kamnik



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