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Drava Center: A Serene Tourist and Recreational Haven in the Heart of Nature

Unwind and Embrace Nature's Tranquility at Drava Cente in the heart of nature. Tourist and recreational centre Drava.

Drava Center
Drava Center

The experiential walks of the beautiful atmosphere in the Limbuška embankment began around 1956, when workers and other citizens enjoyed their free time in the beautiful surroundings of the TVT Boathouse and with boats on the Drava. During the economic crisis around 2008, the last of the four boatyards on the right bank of the Drava closed its doors.

Present and Future of Drava Center

The revival of this space happened when it was bought by the vital and curious creator Borut Rojs, who does not rest on his laurels.

The Rojs family created this paradise with their hands and fifteen machines, using local and organic materials. The Drava centre was created, with the arrangement of an overwater terrace and a covered terrace above the water level, a large outdoor restaurant area along the southern shore of the Drava, with many recreational opportunities for children and adults along and on the Drava, as well as a good catering offer.

The dose of their energy is important. Among the gentle hills, in the embrace of the river Drava, a micro-environment with its own stories, people and tradition has emerged, offering a deep ocean of inspiration.

Their philosophy, which pervades every corner of the creative environment of Lake Maribor, prioritizes the local over the global, the natural over the artificial, and the original over copying.

From the very beginning, they were looking for and found something of ours, recognizable, even a little naughty and magical. Activities that run through the different levels include: bar and beach, children's park, recreation park, children's birthday parties, picnics and boat rentals.

The creative path of the Rojs family is still breathing with full lungs and brings an extremely humanistic and optimistic view of the world.

In this oasis, everyone gets the feeling that the dimensions of man and nature are well guarded and enviably attuned.


Bar and beach on Drava Center

The bar is located on the beach with the most beautiful view of the Drava River and Lake Maribor, where the coolness of the water and the shelter of the trees pleasantly refresh the hot summer days. Visitors can pamper themselves on the sunny and outdoor covered terrace, and refresh themselves with refreshing drinks and snacks, delicious coffee and ice cream. You can take the entire offer 'to go' and stop on our beach with sunbeds and umbrellas.

Drava Center beach
Drava Center

Children's birthdays

DIRENDRAVA is a place dedicated to celebrating children's birthdays. For children aged 5-12, we prepare a program of sports and fun team games, performed by our friends from Svizec sport. We take into account age, season, safe conditions, and especially the mood of the children for whom the program is actually intended.

Exciting games are followed by a feast. These are apples, salty pastries and unlimited amounts of juice and water (in colder days also tea), which are available throughout the animation. The most interesting thing is to bake sausages - we light a fire on the Direndrava hearth and grill mini poultry sausages on long wooden sticks, which we spread together with buns and seasonal vegetables.

Drava Center playground
Drava Center


  • driving with four-wheelers

  • catching fish

  • tug of war

  • individual and pairs jumps in bags

  • fire drill

  • cargo transportation

  • walking with skis

  • save the non-swimmer

  • archery

  • carrying and pouring water

To many, we add, change, adapt...

In case of rain, the activities are adapted and carried out in the indoor space of Direndrava.

Drava Center-Rent a picnic area

There are two pleasant picnic areas in the shade of trees.

The first, larger, 2-level terrace suitable for approx. 60 people is located immediately behind the main catering facility.

The second, smaller family room is suitable for about 25 people and is located in a more intimate area, separated from the lively area by a small hill.

The picnic areas are equipped with a barbecue-fireplace, benches + chairs and tables, running water, umbrellas, electrical connection, refrigerator. The toilet is nearby.

Drava Center
Picnik place

Two picnic areas are available:

  • smaller approx. 25 persons

  • larger approx. 60 persons

Free use of some sports fields and children's playgrounds is available, and we also offer the rental of boats and sports equipment (the service is charged according to the price list).

Vessel rental

eka Drava, due to its calm current, is very suitable for boating and windsurfing, as well as for swimming. Visitors can rent one- and two-seater kayaks, canoes, rowboats and electric motors, as well as SUP boards. With them, you will fully experience the Mariborsko jezero landscape park - its great landscape picturesqueness, the variety of surrounding habitats and the animal and plant species that live there.

Vessels available to you:

  • kayaks - single or double

  • canoes

  • rowing boats and electric motors

  • SUP boards

roeing boats
Drava Center rent a boat

Recreational park

Our recreation park is lively due to the countless opportunities for recreation and leisure, but calm and respectful of nature.

We have taken care of many sporting joys on our outdoor surfaces. You can enjoy a small basketball court, a mini climbing wall, balancing on a slack line and walking with stilts of different heights. On the sandy courts, you can try your hand at volleyball, Italian tennis, badminton or futsal.*

If you don't have your own props - you can borrow them for a minimal user fee right behind the bar.

*The playgrounds are being renovated and upgraded - use will be possible from spring 2022.


  • basketball court

  • mini climbing wall

  • slack line

  • walking with stilts

  • Beach volleyball

  • Italian tennis

  • badminton

  • boards

Children's park

Playing on playgrounds in the park is endless joy for children. Since the park is located right next to the bar, adults will be able to enjoy themselves completely relaxed while the children and their peers are laughing from ear to ear.

Games available to you:

  • swings

  • sandbox

  • houses for children

  • water slides

  • climbing and swinging

  • a real boat

  • two active musical instruments

Drava Center intro
Drava Center

Nature and us

Lake Maribor and its surroundings are an important recreational and nature conservation area. By damming the Drava River during the construction of the HPP Mariborski otok, a 15.5 km long accumulation lake was created. With its landscape, the forests bordering it on the right bank, and the nascent coastal biotopes and shoals, it is also an important nature conservation area.

Several buffer zones permanently protect the area, the most important of which are the LANDSCAPE PARK "Mariborsko jezero " and NATURA 2000, the main goal of which is to preserve nature and biodiversity for future generations.

The Drava Center estate is a natural gateway to the Landscape Park and friendly access to the Drava River.

We have closely connected the Drava Center project with the nature that surrounds us. We are aware that this is the most important value for the future:

We build sustainably, with chestnut wood from our forest and Drava pebble stones.

We have a solar power plant, a biological treatment plant, we use wood biomass for heating and we recycle water. To a large extent, we re-use materials - we believe that what works for 70 years will function for another 70 years with proper maintenance. We connect the new contents that we insert into the space in a nature-friendly way.

Drava Center
Drava Center home

We include animal inhabitants in the space.

Thus, together with our Ponirek Society, we created floating islands where swans and ducks nest, kingfishers, herons, dragonflies and cormorants hunt, and fish, crabs and mussels find safe shelter. Every now and then a beaver makes its presence known.

We move in a nature-friendly way. It is possible to explore the landscape park with vessels powered by the wind, your own muscles or with the help of an electric motor. We can be reached by the Drava cycle path, which takes us from the center of Maribor, 5 km away, along a beautiful and relaxing bypass and forest path.

The contents we offer ensure a healthy lifestyle. The catering offer is largely based on seasonal elements and quality products. The sports and recreation offer is designed to strengthen people's autoimmunity, while at the same time strengthening their social touch. Whether it's a children's game, group sports, simple socializing or organized events, we are guided by the motto "Healthy mind and healthy body".

DravaCenter is located in the immediate vicinity of Maribor, at Limbuške nabrežje 2, near the old boathouse. The property is a bit further from the ever-famous and very popular restaurant Hugo.

You can run or get to DravaCentra on foot, by bicycle, horse, public transport, car, motorhome, or motorbike. Along the Drava river also by kayak, canoe or sailboat.

From the centre of Maribor, you need to get to the Drava Center:

  • on foot 1 hour 15 minutes,

  • with a run of up to 40 minutes, it can also be more or much less,

  • by bike 15 – 30 min,

  • by car ~11 min.

At DravaCentre, we have plenty of parking for bicycles, parking reserved for motorbikes, moorings for boats and sailboats, a medium-sized parking lot for cars and motorhomes, and a lot of space for visitors.

We love to support, implement and encourage green mobility!

GPS coordinates: S: 46°33´81˝ E: 15°35´37˝

All additional information and reservations can be obtained by calling 070 337 114 or via e-mail:



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