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Sip The Magic: Embracing Černe Winery's Familial Vines!

Greetings, wanderers and wine enthusiasts! If you are in the dreaming phase of travel, exploring destinations, and seeking more information to refine your choices, you're in for a treat.

Join us on a virtual journey to Černe Winery, perched on the slopes of Gordia above Ankaran, a true haven for wine lovers.

15 Years of Vinous Mastery: From Family Tradition to Černe's Vinous Odyssey

Explore the Vinous Tapestry of Černe Winery

Located on the sun-kissed slopes of Miljski Hribi, Černe Winery continues the age-old tradition of winemaking in the region. With a dedication to ecological practices, they cultivate 15 hectares of vineyards, primarily dominated by the regal Refošk grape.

Wine bottle
Refošk Černe

The Symphony of Varietals

In the Slovenian Istria wine region, natural conditions favour cultivating red varieties. Alongside Refošk, the vineyards boast the illustrious Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

While Malvazija gracefully represents the white varietals in the cellar, Refošk takes centre stage, receiving heightened attention to restore its former glory.

Crafting Elegance, One Grape at a Time

Paying homage to the terroir, this winery carefully tends to its vines, focusing on proper site selection, dense planting, and minimal intervention.

August marks the beginning of ripening monitoring, ensuring the perfect timing for the harvest.

From Vine to Glass: A Journey of Minimalist Vinification

The winery's commitment to preserving the essence of the grapes is reflected in its classic winemaking approach.

Two distinct lines of wines, including fresh Malvazija, Refošk, and Cabernet Sauvignon, showcase a fruit-forward character, emphasizing drinkability and balance. For enthusiasts of red varietals, especially processed Refošk and Cabernet Sauvignon undergo longer maceration and ageing in wooden barrels.

Meet the Family

Behind the wines are the Černe family members – Igor, Barbara, Zala, Zarja, and Samo. Rooted in their genes, the family embarked on their vinous journey in 1995, starting with just one hectare of vineyard.

Today, their commitment to the vines and wine has grown alongside their family, symbolizing a deep connection with the Istrian land, sea, Bora winds, and sunlight.


Stay tuned for more insights and tips on planning your vinous escape to Černe Winery! Whether you're a wine connoisseur or a travel dreamer, there's something extraordinary waiting for you.

GSM: +386 41 687 461

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Apr 22

Great wine!!!!

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