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Ljubljana Castle


By agreement

The completely renovated medieval castle provides a unique setting for a variety of events.

The centuries-old walls tell castle stories, arouse the imagination and are a unique backdrop on which your ideas can come to life, while a touch of the contemporary provides everything you need to execute outstanding business meetings, weddings or events. The venue is equally welcoming for small groups and large events with up to eight hundred guests.

Hire a Venue

The provincial governors once held ceremonial receptions and dinners in the spaces of the Ljubljana Castle. Each space is unique, bearing its own stories and inspiring new experiences. For larger events, the spaces can also be interconnected. Organised groups or renters of the spaces are offered extended working hours of the funicular; the arrangement needs to be made at least three working days before the event. Each extended hour of the working hours of the funicular can be ordered upon payment of 185.00 EUR, or the purchase of 60 return tickets for the funicular railway.

Additional tickets can be purchased according to the valid pricelist and can be used up for six months from the date of purchase.In the case that you rent a hall for a film or photography shoot, each commenced hour of photographing or filming is charged at the rate of 10% of the rental price of the hall. The total amount must be paid in full on the basis of an invoice issued prior to renting the hall.

11 Halls

Each hall is special and bears its own story

10,000 m2

of contemporarily renovated rooms and exterior surfaces

Up to 800 persons

We meticulously and with pleasure host smaller gatherings or large events.

Castle Courtyard

For events outdoors and under the starry sky of the Castle Hill


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