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Discover Kamnik: A Four-Day Journey Through Medieval Splendor

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Kamnik. Terme Snovik. Volčji Potok Arboretum. Velika planina

Welcome to Kamnik, a jewel among medieval towns in Slovenia, where history whispers from every cobblestone. Uncover the secrets of this picturesque town and immerse yourself in its rich heritage over four captivating days.

Journey plan

Day 1: Exploring Mali Grad and Šutna Street

Arrive in Kamnik and ascend the city hill to Mali Grad, a Romanesque chapel offering panoramic views of the town and Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Wander through Šutna Street, adorned with medieval carvings, and delve into local history at the Kamnik Intermunicipal Museum.

Day 2: Nature's Retreat - Kamniška Bistrica and Tunjica Grove

Embark on a scenic hike to the peaks of Kamnik-Savinja Alps, experiencing Slovenia's highest altitude difference. Indulge in a leisurely lunch by the stone table in the Kamniška Bistrica valley, where even Austrian emperors once dined. Rejuvenate in the Tunjica Natural Medicinal Grove for a holistic wellness experience.

Day 3: Terme Snovik - Sustainable Relaxation

Escape to Terme Snovik, Slovenia's highest spa, nestled in the Tuhinjska valley. Immerse yourself in sustainable relaxation, adhering to the principles of Kneipp therapy. Discover themed trails, a barefoot walking path, and an herb garden. Unwind at Eco Camp Snovik, a haven of modern comfort by a tranquil stream.

Day 4: Arboretum Volčji Potok and Big Pasture Plateau

Visit Arboretum Volčji Potok, where millions of tulips bloom in spring. Explore vibrant rose gardens, recognized globally for their excellence. Venture north to Velika Planina, the most beautiful Slovenian mountain, showcasing traditional shepherd's huts and breathtaking winter magic.

Craft Memories in Kamnik

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Where to Stay?

Embrace Nature at Terme Snovik and Eco Camp

Choose Terme Snovik for a rejuvenating stay, following sustainable tourism guidelines. Alternatively, immerse yourself in nature at Eco Camp Snovik, open year-round with modern amenities and benefits for thermal resort access.

How to Get to Kamnik?

Explore with Omio, Rail Europe, or FlixBus. Utilize Omio, connecting over 1,000 transportation providers for trains, buses, flights, and more. Rail Europe offers extensive rail products, and FlixBus provides safe long-distance travel across Europe.

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