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The path to Tinjan – from sea to stone

The track is suitable for experienced cyclists who enjoy in descents on rough soil. The path climbs to the peak of Tinjan (374 m), which is circled at the foothills by the circle part K2. Marvellous view opens from the top on the Gulf of Trieste and Koper with the hinterland, the valley of Osp.

Duration of the path: 2-2.5 hours
The length of the path: 27 km
The height of the path: the starting point 3 m, the peak 364 m, the climb 483 m


The path to Tinjan – from sea to stone


Koper – Bertoki – Škofije – Plavje – Urbanci – Tinjan – Miši (Dekani) – Bertoki – Koper

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